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Ali wins poster prize at the CF Trust Conference 2016

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Congratulations to Ali! who won the 2nd place prize in the poster competition at the 2016 CF Trust Conference.

Ali, who has been working in the CRG over the summer as a CF Trust funded summer student, supervised by Malcolm Brodlie and Aaron Gardner presented data from her project as a poster titled “Investigating an intrinsic pro-inflammatory state in cystic fibrosis airways”.


Ali’s work focused on investigating the differences in the levels of NF-kB proteins in cells from people with CF and those without. She demonstrated significant differences in protein levels in unstimulated cultures, and also significant differences in the response of the cells after mimicking a bacterial infection of the cultures. We plan to present Ali’s work at other respiratory meetings and publish it in a peer-reviewed journal.

Ali herself plans to pursue a career in biomedical research or clinical microbiology and has subsequently registered for a Masters degree at Birmingham University.