About Cambridge Residents Group

The Cambridgeshire Residents Group is a group of residents opposing the congestion charge and campaigning for alternatives to the unfair and immoral proposal of this additional tax.
The group is independent of all other organisations and is not connected with any political party.

The Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership are proposing to introduce a minimum £5 daily congestion charge in Cambridge from (7am-7pm) Monday – Friday. The charge will apply to all vehicles driving into, out of and within the city boundary, including all 14 wards, Addenbrookes and The Royal Papworth hospital.

This charge will unfairly impact households and businesses and will just exacerbate the challenges of those already struggling in the current financial climate. The groups we are most concerned about in our community are the elderly, carers, people with life changing and terminal conditions, families, lower income households, shift workers and charities. Even residents leaving the city to work in another county will be charged.

Our group believes this to be an ill-considered scheme that will cause untold hardship and inconvenience for the majority of our community within the city and beyond.

If this is something you would like to get involved in, then this is the group for you.