Cambridgeshire Residents Group created in September 2022

The activist group Cambridgeshire Residents Group (CRG) emerged seemingly spontaneously in shocked reaction to an announcement by the Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership of a congestion charge proposal of £5 (up to £50 for large vans).

A first petition against the congestion charge was posted on by Liam Geraghty. That petition was in turn shared on and other social media and now boasts over 26,000 signatures (at this writing, 26 Jan 2023).

The GCP shock pronouncement and this petition were shared on by several Cambridgeshire and central Cambridge residents. In a matter of days, angry comments totalled well over a thousand, like-minded activists contacted one another, a group chat started, and a group was founded at a first face-to-face meeting on 11 September 2022.

A differently-nuanced petition was launched on 29 September by CACC member Keiron Johnson on Petition demanding referendum to decide on congestion charge for Cambridge. This petition has garnered more than 10,000 signatures (as of 26th Jan 2023). Please add your voice to call for a referendum!

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